TWISTER life in Bali – skates’r’up

I plug into this tune and it makes me wanna write or just stroll the twilight sands.

Trying to stay away from definitive statements about this place. As when I try to explain it it generally shapes into a clear form, but I feel that may not be its true identity. But a passing wim of mine.

So it dawns on me that there is a twister within which everyone tries to make sense and a way to get ahead! Mingle in the mass of it but maintain a trace that allows oneself to flow with the energy. The traffic, the surfing, the weather. Living with the jungle.
So in a society that is at the same time traditional but also catering to westernised concepts of leisure this stream of being in the twist of things gets a vivid expression in the skate boarding pit in Pretty Poison. Ended up in this club one night, a punk rock night, where this transition to western fun in a hypsterised hindu society took up this form. Initially, the main turbo cats cutting edge in the pool were balinese. And you could see a flow of energy a bit wilder in those two guys than in the rest that joined afterwards. Though best proved to be one caucasian later on. So you wouldn’t say this actually had anything to do with Bali. But watching this punk-rock swooping about in their skate-flow surrounded by rice fields and palm trees in THIS very spot and heat, you get to be HERE. A particular type of connection you wouldn’t have elsewhere. Nothing felt artificial. Not even the balinese/asian punkrocker in concert with his guitar riffing out from the depth of his crotch vigurous vibes on Beatles covers. Yes, punkrocking Beatles. Nothing fake in it, authentique. Just strange. And you learn to twist with it. Stopped myself short of jumping in the rolling pool a couple of times as the energy fascinated me and made my innerds as flexible as a jungle jag eager to jump and contort in the air. With no skateboard. Just parkhour all over it.
(it looks like this: only very crowded with hundreds of ppl on the side, and actually feels like in the first 50″ of this: likely same protagonists).

I did that a couple of days after. In traffic. Just jumped in the craze. And THAT was my twister being, my flow, my drive, my love! I was hunched over the steering wheel smooth like a panther, at times stretching out or swerving lean through it all, and most of the time smiling very wiiide, enchanted to be and feel here.

(but more about this in tomorrow’s post, or just a few hours, I need a few hours of sleep!)

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