A glimpse of Cuba

Acosta Danza – the contemp dance company of Carlos Acosta. Sat 30th Sep. @ Sadler’s Wells

Of the 5 pieces put on last night the standout one was
Goyo Monteroā€™s Imponderables.

Set to music by Owen Belton, based on songs by Silvio Rodriguez. But lyrics… probably love songs by Garcia Lorca?…

I was getting skin bumps and breath turns at the combination of spoken word – spanish poems -, music score – a mix of modern and folk songs – the night play with light torches and smoke dispersers. Fluid motion of bodies twisting into the floor or clear sprung out of it. The group synchron and elaborate symbioses. The energy I had been hoping to get from them.

THIS is what I remember the cuban body can do. A mix of sensual flesh and soul we call passion, they call living. A story of wandering in and out of life and love desperations.

Like my bunch of late 20s Bristol friends in their moments of true torment. This is how I imagine them to be, beyond the garishness of house or circus after parties. A caring balance act of friends as they carry each other’s darings and insecurities through the night of life.

An old couple to my left. Traveling a different emotional path to the same conclusion though. She – effusing a smell of concentrated rose extract. Jo Malone, her husband said. A present he made. It was the right narcotic for what the stage was overwhelming me with.

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