About v-intim

Bon vivance! thanks for being curious. I believe however you can find a lot more about me if you just go through some of these fantastories. Occasionally there’s stuff even my closest friends wouldn’t have known before.

Well, I’ve set out on a personal challenge with this blog. Apart from the obvious act of indulging in my own reflection. I mean to make this an exercise in personality and answer this question: Can I remain true to myself while writing and expressing on a public page? I am not sure yet, but I can see a progression.

Mind you that given the very personal journal type of writing (v-intim would obvs stand for “very intimate”)  I don’t purport this to be a self explanatory catalogue of people, places and things. I don’t find addiction in that kind of judgement. (the pun is intended). Hence a lot of what I say may make sense only to those who know me well, or those I refer to. To others it may just sound like convoluted (hopefully) poetic (at best) expressivity.

But I do write quite often about my film, dance, theater, music and travel experiences, festivals or events I go to. So some do hold a certain informative if not critical value. But they are not necessarily reviews in their common sense. But more like personal thoughts, connections I get and reactions I have to them.

We’ll see where we get to with this.


Thank you for the patience!


Enjoy the pictures!, be it of wordy or of wordly colour.

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